How to Find Your Favorite Hair Oils for Cheap

Bethany Gardner

Posted on April 14 2016

How to Find Your Fav Hair Oils for Cheap

Recently Shea Moisture debuted their own brand of coconut oil, at approximately $14 for 15oz, depending on the retailer. This seems a bit pricey, particular since you can buy more than three times as much on Amazon for the same price.

Shea Moisture Coconut Oil

All of which got me thinking- what are the best places to find other popular hair and skin oils for the cheapest price?

Shea Butter

This is one of the holy grail oils for naturals and curly girls, but it can be expensive to purchase at local retailers like Whole Foods. I also love it for skin care- it moisturizes like nothing else. I’ve found the best luck online, such as this version at Amazon at $10 for 16oz. I’ve also had great luck at African stores, often getting 2 lbs or so for less than $20.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is a mainstay for many naturals and curlies who haven’t had luck with coconut oil or shea butter. I recently found a huge bottle (1L/ 33.8oz) at my local international grocery store (you know, the ones that have aisles dedicated to different regions of the world, like Latin America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, etc.) for only $10. MUCH cheaper than the tiny bottles being sold at the organic shop down the road!

Sunflower Oil/ Grapeseed Oil

Again, looking in unconventional places pays off. I found 16oz bottles of both at a Big Lots for $5, about half the price at my local grocery store and a fraction of the cost of a natural foods store.

These are just some of the places where I’ve been able to get the oils I like at a fraction of the cost. Where do you go to save on your favorite hair and skin oils?

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