Lesson Learned: A Plastic Bag Is Not A Shower Cap

Bethany Gardner

Posted on October 31 2018

A plastic bag is not a shower cap

Recently I went on vacation, and when it was time to jump in the shower, I realized to my frustration that I’d left my Sumo Bonnets shower cap at home. Doh! What to do? I thought about it for a minute, then saw a plastic bag on the countertop that I could use. Perfect- I piled my hair on top of my head, slipped on the plastic bag, tied it into a knot and stepped into the shower.

Once I got out, however, I realized that what I thought was a perfect solution was anything but. First, I didn’t realize that there was a small hole in my bag, and so some of the curls in my bun had gotten wet, completely frizzing out some of my perfect Day 3 curls from my last wash-and-go.

Next, even though I’d tied my bag pretty tightly, some water had still steeped through the front and sides of the bag, so now I could add frizzy edges to the mix. Yeah, this bag was totally turning out to be a big fail.

Finally, to add insult to injury, as I was getting out of the shower, my husband walked in and saw me in my grocery bag shower cap, and laughed out loud. “Did you bring back any chips or beer while you were out?” Sometimes you just can’t win.

Once we returned home, I embraced my shower cap with a new fervor- there really is no substitute for a beautiful, well-made, and well-fitting shower cap.

How about you? What have you used for a shower cap instead of an actual shower bonnet? Tell us below in the comments so we can all laugh together. =)

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