Why Satin-Lined Bonnets Must Be Part of Your Healthy Hair Routine

Bethany Gardner

Posted on August 28 2016

If you’re like me, you’re likely amazed at how many curly and natural hairstyles that you’ve been seeing on social media, at the grocery store, at your last family reunion, and even at work. All of a sudden, beautiful heads of healthy, curly hair seem to be everywhere.

Why a Satin Bonnet Must Be Part of Your Healthy Hair Routine

However, whether you’ve been considering going “natural” or have already started the process, you may have noticed that your expectations have not held up to reality. In fact your hair is still breaking off before it even begins to touch your shoulders, let alone reach the longer lengths you crave. Before you begin stalking the natural hair section at your local Sally’s or Target trying this or that new product, do this one simple thing to stop breakage in its tracks: make sure your hair is protected at night by covering it up with a satin bonnet.

Why is this step so important? Wearing a satin-lined sleep bonnet at night keeps hair from breaking by protecting it from directly resting against your pillowcase.  This is key, because cotton pillowcases absorb hair’s moisture, which natural curls and kinks desperately need. They also leave hair more prone to breakage by pulling on delicate strands while you toss and turn at night.

The satin lining of a sleep bonnet slides against your strands rather than cling to them, and the material is also less absorbent than cotton, helping your hair to retain its own moisture.  Eliminating this friction against hair strands also helps to cut down on tangling, frizziness, and single-strand knots (also known as “fairy knots”). Hair remains smoother and more moisturized, allowing it to (finally!) reach longer lengths.

Regardless of your hairstyle, satin-lined bonnets should be a part of your healthy hair routine. Ready for healthier, happier hair? Check out our line of cute modern satin-lined bonnets here.

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