Why Sumo Bonnets Cost More than Other Bonnets

Bethany Gardner

Posted on October 09 2018

Why does a Sumo Bonnet cost more than other satin bonnets?


I recently attended the Ubiquitous hair show, which is always a great opportunity to interact with current customers and future customers. I love getting your questions, feedback, suggestions, etc. The question that I tend to get most often, however, is one that I thought deserved a blog post to fully explain. More than anything else, people want to know why a Sumo Bonnet costs so much more than other satin bonnets, such as a cap from the beauty store. This totally makes sense to me- why pay $34 for a bonnet when you can get something similar for $3? In this post, I want to break down exactly why that is.


First and foremost, Sumo Bonnets are about quality. Each bonnet is handmade in the US by a skilled artisan, which means that no two bonnets are alike- all our sleep bonnets are handmade works of art. We invest in high-quality, durable materials like 100% cotton, metallic woven satin, and super-luxurious satin charmeuse, for two reasons. One, we want to make a product that lasts. If you’re constantly replacing your bonnets due to tears and rips every few months, then you’ll pay for the cost of a Sumo Bonnet in just a couple of years. Two, quality isn’t cheap. Having products made in the US costs more money than having the same product made overseas, thanks to higher labor costs and our higher standard of living. However, that also means that our makers are paid a living wage, and support our domestic economy. It also allows us to quickly make any adjustments we need to if we feel that a product’s quality isn’t up to par, rather than be stuck trying to offload a shipping container’s worth of products that are sub-par on the public.


We aim to create the most beautiful bonnet you’ve ever worn. In fact, the idea for Sumo Bonnets came at the start of my natural hair journey about 5 years ago, as I searched for bonnets that weren’t plain black, or made from cheap materials. I couldn’t find one, so I made my own, out of pretty fabric that made me feel good when I wrapped up my hair at night. I wanted other women to experience that same feeling. Why feel embarrassed about how you look when you’re actually practicing self-care? Luxurious fabrics are beautiful fabrics, and again, luxury fabrics don’t come cheap.


Last but not least, we strive to create bonnets that do what we say they will do- reduce frizz, increase hair manageability, protect against breakage, reduce hair product use, allow for more days between washings- the list goes on and on. We aim to create the best bonnet you’ve ever used, or we’re not living up to our name. We think we’re on the right track, judging by our customer reactions:

  • “Absolutely love this bonnet. It’s very well made with great fabrics. It truly does help keep your curls looking beautiful while you sleep. It’s light weight, fits perfectly but not too tight like other sleep caps/bonnets.”- Krisandra
  • “My bonnet was absolutely gorgeous and made with exquisite detail. Product shipped fast. Customer service is A++++ Thank you!”- Natasha
  • “This is exactly the shower cap I've been looking for! It's large enough to accommodate my growing hair and keeps everything dry.” - Artemis

Still not ready to upgrade your cheaper, so-so quality bonnet? We offer a 14 day, money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it for any reason, ship your bonnet back to us and we’ll refund its purchase price.

We’d love to hear from you- what qualities do you look for in a satin bonnet? Share below!

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