'Arya' Child Satin Bonnet

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'Arya' Aqua Blue Mermaid Child Bonnet

Lovely multi-cultural, mermaid print satin-lined child size sleep bonnet with real glitter detailing, sized for children 2- 8 years. Silky satin inner layer keeps curls/ twists/ and braids protected and moisturized, and won't slide off like scarves. Your child's hair will look as good in the morning as it does the night before.

♣ Soft satin charmeuse helps retain your child's hair moisture while she sleeps, reducing hair dryness
♣ Silky satin lining reduces hair breakage by eliminating friction against rough cotton pillowcases
♣ Thick elastic band ensures that this sleep bonnet stays on all night long, no matter how wild the sleeper!
♣ Durable, high-quality 100% cotton cover ensures bonnet’s durability for the long term
♣ Sized for children ages 2- 8 years (for children 9+, we recommend our regular adult bonnets)


Outer cover: 100% cotton
Inner lining: 100% satin charmeuse

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