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Like many novel ideas, Sumo Bonnets was created out of failure. The failure to find a sleep bonnet that was both functional and pretty, and didn’t fall apart after a few months of use. The failure to find a shower cap that could keep all of my hair dry in the bath or shower on non-wash days, rather than relegate myself to too small bonnets from the local beauty store (good days) or plastic grocery bags (bad days). These were issues that I got tired of waiting for the “market” to fix, and decided to fix myself.

Sumo Bonnets is a labor of love- love of fine craftmanship (all of our bonnets are hand-sewn in the US), love of beauty (all our fabrics are carefully selected for both high quality and aesthetic appeal), and love of self, rooted in the time we spend on and care we give to our glorious, textured hair. At Sumo Bonnets, we strive to make each sleep and shower bonnet we create to be uniquely beautiful, a carefully crafted work of art. Because you deserve nothing less.

Thank you for your support of this process, from all of the artisans and staff at Sumo Bonnets.

And most deeply, from me.

~ Bethany Gardner, CEO Sumo Bonnets LLC.

Bethany Gardner, CEO Sumo Bonnets

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